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Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list ("SDN List") and all other sanctions lists administered by OFAC, including the Foreign Sanctions Evaders List, the Non-SDN Iran Sanctions Act List, the Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List, the List of Foreign Financial Institutions Subject to Correspondent Account or Payable-Through Account Sanctions and the Non-SDN Palestinian Legislative Council List. Given the number of lists that now reside in the Sanctions List Search tool, it is strongly recommended that users pay close attention to the program codes associated with each returned record. These program codes indicate how a true hit on a returned value should be treated. The Sanctions List Search tool uses approximate string matching to identify possible matches between word or character strings as entered into Sanctions List Search, and any name or name component as it appears on the SDN List and/or the various other sanctions lists. Sanctions List Search has a slider-bar that may be used to set a threshold (i.e., a confidence rating) for the closeness of any potential match returned as a result of a user's search. Sanctions List Search will detect certain misspellings or other incorrectly entered text, and will return near, or proximate, matches, based on the confidence rating set by the user via the slider-bar. OFAC does not provide recommendations with regard to the appropriateness of any specific confidence rating. Sanctions List Search is one tool offered to assist users in utilizing the SDN List and/or the various other sanctions lists; use of Sanctions List Search is not a substitute for undertaking appropriate due diligence. The use of Sanctions List Search does not limit any criminal or civil liability for any act undertaken as a result of, or in reliance on, such use.
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Type: Entity List: SDN
Entity Name: CHATEX Program: CYBER2

TypeID#CountryIssue DateExpire Date
Digital Currency Address - XBT3E7YbpXuhh3CWFks1jmvWoV8y5DvsfzE6n   
Digital Currency Address - ETH0x67d40EE1A85bf4a4Bb7Ffae16De985e8427B6b45   
Digital Currency Address - USDT3LtcaPbCj87CwJHnRX3vh7c2y9RZQqeSy8   
Digital Currency Address - ETH0x6f1ca141a28907f78ebaa64fb83a9088b02a8352   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3NRJ8aXdUiZdHaiFX9ePX3DhGHzcEi14Fq   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3K7PMJyMNVnxqsfpmK9r9nJDtzDw9wNwNV   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3H3rh85qPaGLy2w6618yZNaH7i8asHv46B   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3MTrJTFhYK9v1C6pjHtuweZSopfZa4b1wb   
Digital Currency Address - ETH0x48549a34ae37b12f6a30566245176994e17c6b4a   
Digital Currency Address - XBT347QFbejDBdMZFTxpmn6evvvqyXiqZTCd7   
Digital Currency Address - ETH0x5512d943ed1f7c8a43f3435c85f7ab68b30121b0   
Digital Currency Address - XBT33xWfziVZesgo83U5izdNCBVTnrtBpSwK7   
Digital Currency Address - XBT32wdqwX3zCEX3DhAVEcKwXCEGdzgBnx1R9   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3N9YcPBDky9UsMx1RTk33tL4jDkZfSnsPk   
Digital Currency Address - XBTbc1q90zrdysy4flyacw7hsury3ajs9yzwtwp6guqpypx94w0d3p58hysvz6pde   
Digital Currency Address - XBTbc1qw7vfgv3r5vnehafl0y95sclg3uqsj87wxs9ad628yjjcq33cwessr6ndyw   
Digital Currency Address - XBTbc1q86tl9255vg5wldamfymaaz36uqxzm30gs7fhkljvzdlt9t38s3lqgdwdfq   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3M7CGBPUJwXXSroWuZ6H5jiprdKCyf7V5M   
Digital Currency Address - XBT34kWCKF2wCbe6uinit2uL4ND6d8yxsuxKM   
Digital Currency Address - XBTbc1qe95l438kzjcvnsm3kn8n5augf9gpctdlhsq7f7hpnkyvlr7rc7cqupapf7   
Digital Currency Address - XBT32VgTk8kGvBsqkHhkvtNooGdtqZm46jTVo   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3NPognMSbzyA2JYW2fpkVKWyBMi2XTq2Zt   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3MzLtBQ4Lz9J6w4Qu55TktgxFKZwxYWrP6   
Digital Currency Address - XBT36YGN5dGzqrxMomTHdkT6cYVMnWBw8S7hD   
Digital Currency Address - ETH0xc455f7fd3e0e12afd51fba5c106909934d8a0e4a   
Digital Currency Address - XBTbc1q4rzdtlt0uslyw86cp29sctl6ct29g9a95cuup7pn5md9ddj7xgmqpp5m73   
Digital Currency Address - XBT39KQvziHwUe2vddbpfC5WkQEV72qbQhxuh   
Digital Currency Address - XBT3Qw9Fn19gCnga9LfHfpM99aGzuqxBNjR2i   
Digital Currency Address - XRPrnXyVQzgxZe7TR1EPzTkGj2jxH4LMJYh66   
Organization Established Date2018   

Address City State/Province Postal Code Country
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

SDN List last updated on: 5/24/2024 10:05:08 AM
Non-SDN List last updated on: 5/6/2024 10:06:18 AM